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Holt Renfrew -
H Project x Uncrate Oceans

As an artist, partnering with the Holt Renfrew and H Project Uncrate Ocean’s initiative was a true honor. The opportunity to bring awareness to ocean conservation and do my part in helping to protect the world's oceans was truly inspiring.


Building this 16 ft. whale out of recycled materials was both a challenge and a privilege. I was able to give new life to discarded items, and turn them into a piece of art that would inspire and educate others about the importance of sustainability.


The use of recycled fishing net, cans turned inside out, glass and crystals, was a creative and unique way to showcase the beauty that can be found in everyday materials. And with the added touch of sparkle, the whale truly shines reminding us all of the beauty and wonder of the ocean, and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

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