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Briony Douglas is a multi-talented artist from Ontario, who has made a name for herself with her captivating sculptures, art installations, and photography.


Her work includes a 20 foot long teddy bear made for the Ronald McDonald House, a throne made of tires, an 8 ft. sneaker for Adidas, a house sized guitar made for the Boots and Hearts Festival, as well as a piece of art created for the Red Bull F1 Team, made entirely of recycled materials and much more.


Her unique style blends sustainability and advocacy, shown through surrealism and pop culture inspiration.


In her photography Briony has photographed the Clintons, Oprah, Jennifer Lawrence, and uses her lens to tell a story, creating unique pieces of art through every frame.


Briony’s work evokes curiosity, sparks conversation, and encourages connections, while challenging our perception of the world and ourselves.


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