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Canada Goose and Briony Douglas present Reborn, a public art.


Community and transition are at the heart of this piece, intending to bring optimism and hope to the viewer as we re-emerge from a difficult season. Reborn symbolizes the shift into spring, with the world breaking out of the ice and blooming towards the future.


Amongst the greenery, you see figures embracing and coming together as we heal and connect. Reborn is also realized through the materials themselves, elements used in past window displays from Canada Goose retail stores, excess fabrics that could no longer be used, and items upcycled from Canada Goose’s warranty program. Giving these materials an extended life speaks to the importance of making more sustainable choices and a reminder that every action can make a difference.


Reborn was on display at the Harbourfront Centre from May 19 - June 19, 2022

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